I Love Scrubs!

With me working in the medical field I’m always looking for quality scrubs to wear to work. I love going out and searching in the stores for some but sometimes I don’t find what I was looking for. So I was online searching lately and found an awesome new place to purchase simple yet quality looking cheap scrubs. Sweet! Just what I wanted too!!! After searching around I found that I could get me a new pair of scrub pants since I do have a pair that need to be replaced since they have been washed so many times that they are getting extremely thin in the legs. So this would be the perfect online shop to get them from.

The other cool thing about this site, Blueskyscrubs is that they also offer not only scrubs for women and men but they offer scrubs for kids too which is awesome in my opinion. Scrubs make the perfect lounge wear and pajamas too. My dad actually has several pairs that he uses to lounge around in and my sister loves them too to lounge around in as well. I will ve looking at getting some comfy ones too and have been known to fall asleep in my work scrubs. I am however looking at getting some more scrub clothing for work soon. Just have to wait to get paid again. If you wear scrubs too you should definitely check out this site!

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