Need to Get Back

I have realized that I have been very lazy this past month in a few different things. One is being lazy in updating this blog and updating my other site. I have definitely failed on that in keeping everyone up to date but with it being summer it’s been a little difficult. Another thing that I have been lazy in doing is going to the gym. I mean I pay for the gym each month but last month I think I only went once. Geez I need to make it a point to go back more often. I went last week when Olivia was at tumbling class for a while but I only tanned so I guess that technically doesn’t count. I am still working on my weight loss and I am still looking for a way to lose the weight safely and quickly. I have checked out www.quickweightloss.org but just haven’t done anything on it or ordered anything. I want to see about getting back to the gym in a week and might actually go tomorrow when I leave work. I want to go run or do something else. I might also try to get a friend to go with me so we shall see. I will not stop the tanning because with the tanning I have scars on my legs and that seems to be helping to fade them. But I don’t stay in super long and I don’t do it daily either. It’s like here and there is when I do it. I do have a good tan already going on but I like the quick nap too. hehehe I guess I will have to put the schedule in my phone when i get that straightened out with Verizon but that’s a whole different story. I’ll update that later on.

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