piano lessons.

So Many things to do…

There are so many things to do before our Disney Trip. It’s almost like I haven’t taken enough time out for me to stop and smell the roses. But we have about 18 days to go and we can’t wait. I have started on making some personalized shirts for Olivia. yay! More about that in another post. But lately I have been a little stressed because for some reason Olivia has been drawn to the piano more and more. I have been thinking of putting into some piano lessons so that she can learn how to play the piano more than I can. I can play a few songs on my keyboard but never got lessons at all.

It makes me want to put Olivia in them because she definitely would take to it. She is really into the Arts and Music and I know that she would do wonderful. I might sit down with her when we get back from our vacation and give a little bit of piano lessons of the few songs that I know how to play. I do have a small keyboard to use and teach her but I think I might wait to let her use that and allow her to use the piano that is downstairs. We got the piano when my grandparents moved from Maryland to North Carolina and didn’t want to get rid of it. They honestly thought that one day their great grandchildren would want to take piano lessons and how ironic that is because Olivia does want to take them. She wants to be a pianoist and I can see how she is very talented in that aspect. I guess I will have to start looking at individuals that can teach her or I just might ask my dad to teach her. I’m sure he would have more patience with her than a stranger. I’m only looking towards the future now and I am not looking to the past. The past is gone and I can only plan for the furture now! Well let me run. I have a few more things to do online before lunch is over.

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