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Happy Birthday and A Snow Day!


Today is my best friend, Tonya’s daughter’s 3rd Birthday! Since I didn’t have to work today except for calling the people who were on the schedule for today and reschedule them for another day this week, I decided to get out of the house and head to Tonya’s for the day. Well it took me some courage to drive my van in the ice and snow but I did it. Now normally it would take roughly 5-10 minutes to get to her house it took almost 40 minutes to get to her house. Gosh! That’s a long time. But you have to understand this…when we get snow or anything else the secondary roads come last. So needless to say we won’t see any kind of DOT trucks coming down our streets anytime soon if any at all. After I got to Tonya’s house we packed the kids up and went to Rocky Mount. yes it once again took a long time because the roads were in horrible shape. That means I was in 2nd and 1st gear most of the way to 64E then I was able to go into drive and get up to speed. Most of the exits were not cleared either. So it was interesting to say the least. We decided to not go to Target but to instead hit the mall. We went to Ross, Belk and the food court. That’s it but it wore the girls down a little. Then we headed back to Tonya’s house for the rest of the afternoon.


The roads coming back were still bad. Yuck! When we were out shopping though we got a phone call telling us that the schools were closed once again. Yes we kind of figured that out since the roads are not done at all. They are only doing most of the major highways but after that nothing. I’m not sure if work is going to be on a delay but I guess I’ll find that out in the AM. We’re supposed to be getting some freezing rain tonight and into tomorrow morning and then we’re going to have another winter system come in this Friday and Saturday. I love snow but I hate driving in it with all of the idiot drivers out there. You know the ones who think they can drive it in but want to go at least 50 mph on the backroads where nothing has been touched and most of it is packed down snow and ice. Stupid drivers! Then they want to wonder why so many people are in car accidents. Anyways, I’ll update more tomorrow but it’s time that I head to bed. So for now Good night all! And enjoy the few pictures I have taken of today!


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