Reflecting on 2009

Lately I have been reflecting on the year 2009 and what it had brought me and what I had hoped had changed by now. 2009 did bring me a lot of changes including how I acted and behaved. Yes I agree that I sometimes do childish things but don’t we all? I mean who would have ever thought that having a water balloon fight over at my best friends mom’s house could be so much fun? Or that acting like I didn’t have a care in the world when some things really upset me? Or I just didn’t care about some people. The one thing that I didn’t do was to lose all the weight I wanted to lose but I know that is still a work in process. I know that by not taking diet pills didn’t have anything to do with it because I have been reading some adipex reviews lately and yes they are approved I still have a thing about taking diet pills. I want to try to lose the weight on my own and not try to do it with using pills. I want to try the safe way first and then go with the pills if I still have a difficult time losing the weight. But 2009 brought to me the hope, joy and laughter that was missing in my life in the year 2008. I can only hope and pray that the year 2010 will be an even bigger year for me and me accomplishing all that I want to accomplish. I’m even planning on making a trip to Maryland to visit my best friend, Lauren this month too (if it all works out for us both) and yes before the winter is over I want to take Olivia snow tubing too!!! It’s my hopes and my dreams that keep me going along with friends and family too!

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