Frustrated with…

Today I went to the local Verizon store to file an insurance claim on my phone. I’m not sure if I had mentioned this before but a couple weekends back I was cooking my breakfast and turned on originally one burner that we hardly ever use and since it was taking forever I used the main burner we use all the time. Well I had a blonde moment and forgot that the other burner was still hot…I by accident placed my cell phone on the burner and didn’t think anything of it until I started to smell burnt plastic. OMG! My phone was melting. Well it was a little messed up but I could deal with it. It would turn itself off and on all the time but I was going to deal with it. Until today when I was getting inside by van, had my hands full and dropped my cell phone on the asphault and well the speakerphone doesn’t work right now, it turns itself off even more than it did before and it also has issues with the earpiece as well. Yeah real smooth Charlotte! (I am so clumsy sometimes and forgetful!)

Well long story short…I spent 2 hours total inside the local Verizon store only for them to tell me that I would have to take the brochure they just gave me and go home and call the number. Oooo was I hot!!! I couldn’t believe they would do that to me but whatever. I’m so over the frustration now. Well I spoke to the insurance company to file the claim and they were very nice in this issue. The phone that I currently have now is an LG AX265 (Banter) and so they are sending me a Motorola QA30 model instead. So I will or should have that tomorrow. Pretty cool…I’ll just be more careful with this phone instead. I’m tired of getting replacement phones. The only phone that I really want is an iPhone which hopefully Verizon will have one possibly next year which is when I can officially upgrade my phone. So praying that will happen. 🙂

Other than that Olivia is loving school. She’s had homework every night of this week which has been a little difficult for her to adjust to it. But with the homework she’s had it has been repetative as far as writing her name and I can see a difference too already. How awesome is that? I’m praying though she won’t have any kind of homework over the weekend but if she does then I’ll be sure to send it with her to her daddy’s this weekend for him to help her out.

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