Today I went out with one of my best friends and had a good time. We ate lunch at the local favorite Chinese food place and then headed over to the mall. When we were at the mall we walked around for a bit. Then we went on over to have my hair cut. And I mean cut. I decided that since it’s summer it was time for a change. I got it cut short and it’s stacked in the back. It’s really cool feeling and it’s really cute too. I absolutely love it!!! Plus it’s going to be quick and easy to do in the summer as well. 🙂 Yeah for changes! I am still loving my new job and still saving up for a nice down payment on a car. I’m looking at getting a Chevrolet Malibu so it should be super cool. 🙂 I promise that I’ll post pictures of my new do in a little bit. Have to take a good picture of it though.

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