Maryland Terps, the acc games

The ACC Games

I will say that I’m not usually following The ACC Games but this year I am. I love the fact that Maryland Terps are good this year for once. I love Maryland and I hope that they beat Wake Forest tonight too! They stomped on NC State last night so Go Terps is all I have to say!!!

Other than the ACC Games going on right now nothing much is new other than that. I’ve been dealing with Olivia who has been getting into trouble at daycare because some of the older kids and even kids in her class there have been picking on her and she’s had her fill of them. So I’m praying that she behaves good today and if they start to pick on her again then to go tell the teacher and not to punish the child instead. Tonight it’s a Girls Night Out and I can’t wait. I’m thinking of getting a drink but not too sure which to get. I’d love to get a Margarita but that has tequila in it and well me and tequila don’t mix. Plus I will need to get home. So I’m thinking about a Strawberry Daquiri instead. I prob won’t even finish it so we’ll go from there. Plus I’ll have Olivia with me and so I want to be extra careful with her. I know I won’t have a problem in getting home.

It’s raining outside and cold and I hate this kind of weather. I wish it was warmer out at least. I don’t mind the rain but when it’s cold out I do! Plain and Simple. Warm weather and rain is fine with me but not cold weather and rain. I better get back to work but here’s to a good weekend.

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