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Olivia’s Christmas Party

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Olivia had her Christmas Party yesterday at school and had a good time despite feeling yucky. I had to be there at 9:30am to help decorate Olivia’s Gingerbread house which turned out to be very pretty. Then I stayed around for lunch, had the cafeteria’s food and it was actually good. I also went over to the main building to visit with my mom. I even helped out some. And thanks to a friend who suggested this I am going to after the holidays going to apply to be a substitute teacher. I mean they make $70 a day which isn’t too bad at all and I was thinking of doing two schools, Red Oak Elem. and Coopers.


Anyways back to the party, it was great. Olivia only ate a few things and then she said she was ready to go home. So I checked her out early, and took her on home before we had to head out to the ENT doctor. I took her to her appointment and come to find out he is not happy that she has been having these non-stop ear infections. Even with the tubes she’s still having them. Plus her right ear is infected with drainage, and drainage in the left ear as well. They have her on the strongest medicine that they can give her but it’s stronger than what her pediatrician can give her, plus she is on ear drops as well. She still woke up this morning not feeling hot at all. So I’ve let her lounge in her pj’s all day so far and I have too. But at least I have been working some. The other thing that the ENT is talking about is after he has cleared up the infection they might have to do another surgery. So it will be ok, I’m just praying for my little girl and that’s all I can do. I just want her to start feeling better soon.


Today we are planning on heading to RM so that I can try on a few jeans since I’ve lost enough weight to where I need to get new ones, then I’m going to head to Dollar Tree and maybe Target and Walmart. I’m looking for a cheap webcam so that I can maybe do skype with some friends who live out of town. It should be fun right? I’ll try to blog some more later on when I get a free moment.

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