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We received in the mail a wonderful package from Team Mom about a week or two ago. In the box was a awesome toy from Parents Magazine. It was Parents Architecture ABC blocks that happen to be soft and perfect for babies of 6 months and up. Even though we personally don’t have a baby at house I do have a 4 year old that loves to build with blocks. I opened this up immediately and let Olivia play with them. She has had a ball with them by building her little barbies a house and all. She also loves how soft they are as well. They don’t hurt when you drop one on your toes which is a plus for Olivia since she always seems to be dropping something on her feet. I personally love how soft they are too and also how they come in all different shapes and not just blocks. She can make a bridge and many more things with this toy and she will be playing with them for a long time as well. These blocks are excellent for babies and they are also excellent for children who have a hand/eye coordination problem like Olivia does. They are also great for using in occupational therapy as well. I highly recommend this toy to all parents who want to get a safe toy (they are 100% phthalate free) for their children to play with this Christmas. Plus the price tag isn’t too bad in my eyes because these will be around for a long time that’s for sure. We can’t wait until Keali is old enough to play with them. Only 6 more months to go:)

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