Getting a New Look

Recently I have been trying to get or do a new look for me. Now that my hair is finally long and trying to grow it out longer I have been trying to find a new look for me really. I have recently decided that I needed my ears pierced again and so I checked at Claires and found out that it would cost $22 to have them done again. Well on Saturday I went to my best friends house for the night and we headed to Walmart where I proceeded to get some hypo allergenic earrings and I poked them through the holes that were already there. I look so different with them in and honestly I love them! Then last night I decided to dye my hair to a Medium Golden Brown and it looks really nice on me. So lots of changes going on for me. And that is a good thing. I need some changes in my life right now, especially with the holidays coming up and the new year coming. So with the holidays coming I want to know this…is there anything that you are going to make changes to in the new year?

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