Cutting Back

With this year and the way that the economy is headed its hard to say that yes I have been cutting back on my spending. Last year at this time I was out spending a lot of money on who knows what and honestly making us broke but this year I haven’t purchased anything that I didn’t need and I have been watching what I have been spending. The economy has really put a strain on things and even the basics has become very expensive like medicine and what not. I really am the main holder of the family meaning I’m the head of the family and so Olivia has been learning that we can’t always go out to eat to McDonald’s or Chili’s all the time. I do want to take her to Chili’s one day because she has been asking lately and I figured why not just one day. It’s not like I order anything super expensive anyways there but I have been very cautious of where my money is going. Well doing some searches online I found ZenniOptical.com and found out that they have awesome prices on their eyeglasses which for me I’m honestly looking for a brand new pair of sunglasses that have my prescription in them. This is something that fits my needs because I can’t spend $100 on a pair of sunglasses but I can spend $8 for a pair and they still look in style. Plus if I had an extra pair to wear just in case I felt like wearing something different then I could. I really think and know that this is the perfect site for me to get my prescription glasses from and I can’t wait until Christmas time to where I can order a pair or two when I get some Christmas Money like I always do every year. I know I’ll get some but honestly do not know how much this year since Terry and I are separated. But I do know that I will be getting a new pair of eyeglasses this year. Now how about you? Is this something that you could use and I think it is because honestly where can you get a pair of glasses for $8?

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