Spoofing It

Today I had the opportunity to make a small video explaning 123Spoof.com and showing you all how it works. It’s a really neat program that you use online and it’s amazing at how cool it is and how innovative you can make it. I mean today I used it to call someone and use a completely different number and they had no idea that it was me. LOL. I though it was funny too. I couldn’t keep a straight face the entire time. But with 123Spoof.com you can have the opportunity to change your caller ID, Change your voice and also do a recording. I chose to do just the caller id and loved it. You will see in the video what I mean. But for those of you who are looking for a fun and easy way to call someone or prank call someone then use 123Spoof for that need. It’s not free but you can get a $10 calling card and have 60 minutes of it. Not only can you do it online but you can do it through the phone as well like I did.

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