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This morning as I was on the way home from my dental appointment and received a phone call from Parents Magazine. I had submitted something saying that I’d love for Olivia to outgrow soon and it’s going to be in the magazine. I’m so excited too!!! I can’t believe that we’re going to be printed in a magazine. Can you tell I’m in shock? I believe it’s going to be printed in the December issue.

On the other note, not much has been going on at home. So haven’t had much to blog about. But on Tuesday I’ve got to take Olivia to the Dentist to have her cleaning done. See when she went to the dentist a while ago the dentist did nothing because Olivia was scared. But she is going to have her teeth cleaned and I’m going to ask how we can get Olivia to stop sucking her thumb. She’s getting way too old to be sucking it so I’m going to ask the dentist then.

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