Almost there…

I’m almost there in saving up for my new camera. I’m still trying to decide on which one to get though. I’m kind of at a stand still because the two cameras that I really like are just about the same price and are so similar. I’m trying to decide if I want to purchase a Canon XTI or the Canon XS. The XS is the replacement for the XTI so I’m still a little confused about which one will be the best one for me? Here are the two that I’m looking at on ebay. The Canon XTI with the 18-55 lens (this one has been refurbished and is not new) and the Canon XS with the Tamron 28-80 lens. If you have one or the other please help!!! I’ve saved up already $530 and it will cost around $600 to get my camera with free shipping! If you can help me decide please do!

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