Reading to herself


Yesterday evening Olivia wanted to get changed into her PJ’s before dinner time just so she could have a tea party with her animals and me. Well after she got changed in her pj’s she picked up a book and started to read it. So cute. She flipped through the book pretending to read it in her own version. She then came downstairs where we had a tea party with her doggy and Cruella Deville and Snow White. Then we played Barbies. She loves them I had a hard time getting her to leave them alone while we ate dinner. Then she went back to playing with them. When it was time to go upstairs and clean her room she didn’t want to pick the barbies up. I had to do it. By the time I went upstairs to get her into bed, she was asleep and her room a bigger mess than it was before hand. So tonight before she can go outside and play she has to clean her room. Plain and simple.

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