Field Trip & Ear Aches

Today Olivia had her first field trip at PreK. I was a chaperone and enjoyed every minute of it. Plus if you chaperone you are also getting in your volunteer hours as well. Nice. We walked a good 2 miles to the Fire Station and the kids really enjoyed themselves. They all behaved too which was super nice. Olivia became whiney and I couldn’t figure it out. Then as we were walking back she told me that her ears were hurting her. So I checked her out of school and took her home where I made a phone call to the doctors. Olivia got seen very quickly this afternoon and come to find out she has another double ear infection. Ugh. She has been put back on Amoxicillin and if that doesn’t work then we will go back. I also spoke with Dr. K about her stomach aches and he asked me if she drinks a lot of milk. She replied back to him saying “yes I do. I love my milk.” He has asked me to stop giving her milk all together which I know is hard since we don’t know what foods at school has milk in them. He told me that she is Lactose intolerant and that we need to start her on Soy Milk immediately. So it looks like tonight we will be making a trip to Walmart to pick up some soy milk. We have to send it to school as well so I’ll pick up two different containers, one to send to school and one for home. We will then see if her stomach aches go away. I guess her tummy problems never really went away from when she was an infant.

Other than that our day has been good. Tomorrow we will venture to RM to our local theater and we will watch a movie with popcorn. She has earned up enough points on her chart that she gets to go see a movie.

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