Thank you!

I just wanted to thank all of my readers for being so patient with me while I’ve been blogging so much. I am working hard on getting my new camera and so every post that I get paid for it I’m saving away in my paypal account. I’ve figured out that in a month I will have almost $500 saved up. Then I’ll only need $100 more until I can get the camera that I really want! I can’t wait. So please be patient with me while I continue to post these blogs because I’m almost there I can see that hopefully by December I’ll have my new camera and then Christmas will be all good! Olivia will probably have a good Christmas too because I have a few things saved up for her of when I go shopping and there is something that is on clearance I pick it up and store it away for Christmas. I’m thinking for Christmas for others in the house I’m going to have our pictures taken and then I’ll give out the pictures to the family memebers. I think that will mean more to them than anything we buy them would! What do you think?

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