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Golfing in Vegas

Have you ever been to Las Vegas? I haven’t but I have a few friends that like to go every year with their husbands. Well it turns out that their spouses enjoy to golf but honestly never thought of golfing while in Vegas. Now they can enjoy a nice round of Las Vegas Golf while their wives are out shopping which is what we do best. Hahaha. But seriously I have a friend whose dad loves to golf and if I were to go with him and golf myself I’d much rather golf at Royal Links Golf Club which happens to look like your in England golfing there. Another place that you can golf at in Vegas is Desert Pines Golf Club and Bali Hai Golf Club which each has it own special theme going on. Now if I can only get to Vegas for free then we’d be in business! I’ve never been but I think going and even trying my hand in golfing would be so cool. They have super duper Tour Packages which I’m sure any man couldn’t pass that up and the women would like it too because it would get them out of golfing and they could enjoy shopping instead. This way it would make the trip much more pleasurable for sure!

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