Calling All Aspiring Actors and Actresses

My Nephew is a great actor and he would be perfect in an acting job. Well I have found the perfect place online and via telephone that he could talk to. Talent6 is a company that works with a lot of major networks out there and I’m sure that Justin would be interested in speaking with them. He could be a movie extra in maybe a local movie or how about a commercial, he could be in one of those too! Plus he’d be getting paid between $100 to $300 a day! Sweet! He could use that money to save up for college! I might even consider being a movie extra to help bring in income for Olivia and I. It would definitely be going towards a good cause like supplies for Olivia. So if you too are an Aspiring Actor or Actress, just make a call to the toll free line 800-493-9047 and speak with a portfolio Manager. It’s that simple! I’m going to forward this information on over to my nephew and my niece since they both are very good in acting already! I think that you all should call too if you are interested in acting too!

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