Appointment Central Tomorrow

Tomorrow I have 2 Appointments set and one on Thursday. I am dreading the one on Thursday because well, it’s for the yearly checkup. Yuck. I hate that one. But tomorrows appointments are good, one is for a cleaning which should be so bad and the other is for my meds. Not bad at all either. I’ve got to talk to my doctor though about some things which should be so bad I guess. Now if they can only truly figure out what’s wrong with me then we’ll be going some where and I’d be happy.

Last night Olivia and I made cupcakes. I normally don’t allow her to have sweets at night but since she helped make them I figured it was a treat for her. She didn’t go to bed and so I’ll be making sure that tonight she doesn’t have any sweets at all. And if she does then it will have to be the sugar free kind of sweet. We do have sugar free ice cream that actually tastes pretty good so she might be allowed to have that. I’m also going to let her ride her bike this evening after she cleans up her room that she tore apart last night. And I’m hoping that tonight a certain someone who lives down the road leaves me alone. He really gives me the creeps!!! Well I’m certain I’ll write more later on when I get a chance to but right now I need to go make phone calls. 🙂

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