Wonderful Sunday


Today has been a good despite Olivia acting up in Church and not taking a nap. She didn’t go to bed until 2:30am and so mommy has been extra tired today. Was really hoping to get a nap today but didn’t. Oh well, all the more to say I can go to bed early tonight and so can she. At church this morning Jason preached and had a really good sermon. It really sank in to me and I was ready to go up to the alter to pray when I had to take Olivia outside because she was misbehaving. Maybe next week it will happen. I have a lot going on in my life and I just need a little guidance is all from the Lord. I’m feeling better though in the long run. Just got a little teary eyed during the service because the drama team did a dance that really hit home for me. I have to say that I love the Casting Crowns Song “Set Me Free”. It’s the perfect song for me.

After church I took Olivia to McDonalds for lunch and then came home. Did a few things at home and then tried to take a nap too. That didn’t happen because as I was closing the bathroom door, I slammed it on my right finger. So that is now throbbing and swollen and it’s very painful. Gosh. I’m typing with my right hand only using my middle finger to type instead of my pointer finger. It’s taking a long time too. The tip of my pointer finger is completely black and blue already. Go figure…I’m the one that shuts everyone elses fingers in the doors in the past so I guess I’m way overdue to shut my own in the door. Just pray that it’s not broken. I’m going to take it to my middle finger tonight to try and help it.

The above pic is from yesterday’s shoot. 🙂

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