Suiting Up, suits

Suiting Up

Do you know someone who has a job that requires you wear a suit and tie for? Or do you have a man in your life that they enjoy wearing suits to church or to have around the house for that special occassion that they might have come up. Well my dad used to have to wear suits all the time when he worked for the Marriott Corporation, Hardee’s, and Boddie Noell. He was always having to buy new ones and some of the ones that he purchased were honestly over $600 for them. Crazy how much suits are these days. Well instead of going to any old store and having your measurements taken and for them to only be not right and then they have to do it all over again, then just use Made to Measure because it would save you a lot of time and money by choosing the fabric, size and styling you’d like. Plus they offer suits starting at just $495. Plus on their website you can go ahead and take a tour of the site and of how the whole made to measure works. I think this is a really neat site and have already shared it with my dad. Now I’m sharing it with you all so that you can share this with your husbands or fathers as well. In the long run it will help save you all money especially for those of you who have significant others who have to get a new suit every year.

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