Vacation in Mexico

I need a vacation!

I was sitting at work today thinking about how it would be so nice to take a vacation to someplace warm but not too hot and have a nice relaxing vacation without Olivia. I love my daughter to death but sometimes I need a break from her. So I was doing some searching online today and came across a beautiful hotel called the Ixchel Beach Hotel located on the Ixchel Isla Mujeres in the Mexican Carribean. Oh how I long to go back to the carribean. It’s so nice and pleasant there. At this hotel they have many things for you to do such as Whale Shark Swimming, Adventurous Scuba Diving (Dean McDermott would love this), and Deep Sea Fishing. Plus you can have your destination wedding there as well. Now how beautiful would that be to have your wedding in the Mexican Carribean? I know it would be gorgeous! 

Plus as a special for during the month of September you can stay at the Hotel for only $90 per night which is honestly an awesome deal that I know if I had money could not turn down!!! Why not go check it out yourself (would make a perfect anniversary gift for your other half). 

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