Nics Stick by OPI, Product Review

Nic’s Stick Review

I received this Nic’s Stick yesterday in the mail from SheSpeaks and of course I had to open it first thing. I was very surprised by how small it was and also how cool it was to paint your nails with a pen. I have never been able to paint my right hand when using a regular brush with the regular nail polishes. That hand always looked horrible but with the Nic’s Stick by OPI I had a nice, easy and clean nail polish on that side. I love the color and even my daughter loves the color. She had me paint her toenails and her finger nails last night. I love how smooth the polish went on as well. No super messes and not having to worry about knocking over bottle. It was so easy I could have let my 4 year old do this on her own except she would have painted everything else instead of her nails, hence why I did it. I have already showed my mom the Pen and she is going to do her nails as well. I will be handing out the coupons to my friends and family and since you can get them at Target then I’ll be heading over there myself too! I love them and will continue to use the Nic’s Stick by OPI.

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