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Can’t Decide….

Recently I’ve been looking online for some great Digital SLR Cameras but I have chosen two that I really am torn apart towards both. They are both great and reliable companies and so it’s going to be a hard choice. The first one is a Nikon D60 or Up because I have seen many professional photographers have then and then there is the Canon XSI version as well. I’m torn between the two of them and can’t decide which one to get. If you have a specific camera that you like then let me know. I can use all the additional help out there. I’m going to ask for a Camera for Christmas and just need some help in choosing the right one. I’m also going to stop by the mall at best buy and ask the guy there too.

Here are a few questions that I have with the cameras?

Can you take RAW pictures using a Nikon D60?

Can you get quality pictures from both of them?

Which camera would be best for someone just starting out on a slr camera?

Which is a best camera for a good price?

Those are the few questions that I have. So if you have any of the answers or could help me out then that would be great!!! Have a great day!

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  1. I just bought the Nikon D60 at Costco and I think they also have a Cannon for sale too. I chose the Nikon and have been really happy with the performance. It came with two lenses and a carry case. It is a bit pricey at $900, and you can still get the D60 online for a lot cheaper. If this is your first SLR, this one has some great features like motion stabilization. Check out Costco online as well for deals.

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