Bowling Fun!

Yesterday I got to spend time with one of my all time best friends from Maryland, Lauren. Lauren and I have known each other since 5th grade where we both were in the same class at Phelps Luck Elementary in Columbia, Maryland. The last time that I saw Lauren was 5 years ago when we ate at Friendly’s in Waldorf area. It was awesome! We honestly had a blast then and yesterday was no difference. We were our same goofy selves and poor Eric was so quiet he didn’t know what to think. He’s a great guy though (we even went to school together at Howard). He’s so much quieter than I remember but he remembers me being the quiet one in school which happens to be very true. I USED to be quiet. Now I’m not! Hahaha. Well Lauren and I have worked something out to where Olivia and I are going to travel back to Columbia and I’m going to stay with them for the weekend. We’re also going to take the kids to the Washington, DC Zoo since it does have free admission compared to the Baltimore Zoo. So it looks like I will finally be able to go back and see some of my friends from MD. I miss them all (well most of them that is). Here are a few select pictures from the bowling trip we took yesterday. I won the first time and Eric beat us on the second game. Hehehe. Enjoy them!


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