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Yearbook Pics

Today while visiting Steph’s Blog, Adventures in Babywearing I came across her post that had herself done into different yearbook pictures. Well I decided to do it too and here’s what I came up with from yearbook yourself.

1952, My grandma had this style back in day.

1956, looks like I fit right in.
1960…not too sure about this one.
1966, I’m feeling the poofy hair (if only mine was like that now.)
1976, I think mom had this hairstyle.
1982, and this one too.
1984, The Big Hair Band Look.1990, I so remember this style.

1994, Actually I had this hairstyle

1998, one of my favorites.

Now if you want to play along too then head on over to yearbook yourself and try it out. Then post it onto your blog and let me know you’ve played along. This was so much fun!

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