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Captured Moments by Charlotte

So I’ve decided to start up that business and it will be called Captured Moments by Charlotte. Something that honestly I had a dream about and so I’m going to follow through with one of my dreams. I will be charging $35 for the sitting fee which will include a CD of about 30 pictures that will be edited, plus you can take the CD to anywhere you’d like to get the photo’s developed at. I normally use online places but you can use Walmart, Target or even a local group. I can only travel around RM Area and Nashville Area until I can get my feet on the ground with the business but I hope that I will make your experience pleasant.

Oh yeah the other night when Olivia fell asleep I captured her on the floor. She was out cold. Not even the flash woke her up. She was gone. I left her sleeping on the floor but added her pillow and her strawberry shortcake blanket. She woke up the next morning bright and early too.

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  1. We are going to the beach next week and the week after but maybe the end of August or start of September you could come and do the kids pictures. I need some of them together and individually. I would love some outside shots too. Do you have props? I really want a picture of Lydia in a tub ( because I have one of EJ at 6 months in a tub. Also, would you use a drape or something as a background to make it look more portrait like?

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