Day 3 of dance camp

Today was Olivia’s 3rd day of dance camp and found out she did better than the past two days. I am really thinking hard of putting her into dance and as for me dancing I will most likely teach myself. I want to get a nice pair of pointe shoes made by bloch. I wore those kinds of shoes mostly except for my tap shoes when I did it in the past. I do get to dance whenever I workout so that has been super nice for me. Tonight I didn’t get to workout though but I plan on doing it tomorrow morning. That is if I can get up in time. Hahaha. I know I can…just for the 20 minute workout.

Olivia’s recital is at 3pm tomorrow at the Wilson Mall and I can’t wait. I have my camera all charged up and I have my 4gb card all cleaned out. I can’t wait until I can record her on my camera. Thank goodness I have a large card. Then I will put it onto a DVD and give to my inlaws and my brother inlaw and his family. I’ll also make a copy for Terry and one for us to watch. I think that this is the beginning of a career or at least a dream for Olivia.

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