Alzheimer's, Memory Walk

Walking for our Elders

These days so many of our elders are getting diagnosed with having Alzheimer’s Disease and it’s become a crippling disease in so many ways. I know of several people that have been diagnosed with this disease and it’s so sad to see them no know who their family is and not know who anyone is including themselves. I have several family members that are in age that have Alzheimer’s and it’s so sad too. I mean they don’t really recognize who their family members including their own spouses. I know this is a hard disease to understand yet there are many people who are taking measures into their own hands by stepping up and trying to find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

Yes we can make a difference in this day and age by taking precautions and also by donating our time and effort into walking for the Alzheimer’s Patients. Yes! Everyone can make a difference. Now you can become a Team Captain of the local Memory Walk to help make that Difference we’re looking for! The Alzheimer’s Memory Walk is there for everyone to help fight against Alzheimer’s and to find a way to where there will be no Alzheimer’s in the future. We can all make a Difference if we are on the Move!!! I know that I’m going to try to participate this year and if I can’t then at least make a donation to help find that cure!!! You Can Help too!!!

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