Summer Olympics

The 2008 Olympics

With the 2008 Summer Olympics coming up soon I get all excited over it. The summer games have always been my favorite and I have to say that I do have several events that I just well love to watch. A few of them happen to be Gymnastics, Diving, Swimming and Volleyball. I absolutely love to watch our team go for the Gold and to see them succeed. There were so many awesome athletes this year competing that it got me to thinking what if one day Olivia would be there? I sometimes really think that she could go all the way if she wants to continue to do gymnastics. You might have noticed a player on my left sidebar and I believe I put in there one of my favorite songs by Celine Dion “Power of the Dream”. It was sung at the 1996 Summer Olympics and have been one of those songs that just opens my eyes in seeing that these athletes have put everything they have and the dedication that they offer into their sport. I cannot wait until August 8th because I get to see one of my old best friends from Maryland and also the Olympics begins. 🙂 So for 10 days I will watch the olympics and yes it might happen while I’m working too. LOL.

Now here is a question for you all. What is your favorite sport in the Summer Olympics?

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