Beach Time!

We are getting ready to head to the beach for the next few days. We are joining my parents in Myrtle Beach and going camping. It’s going to be so much fun and for us to really just sit down and have a relaxing time. Olivia will get a reward when we get there or while we’re down there for going to bed nicely the past two days. It’s something that we have started to do this Monday so instead of punishing her we will be praising her for the good things she does each day. She has 4 things that we are working on with her and for every one that she does good each day then she will get a smiley face for each one. Then if she gets two in a row or three in a row then she will get a small reward so it’s something that we are working on with her. We need to get her ready for school soon and these are the small steps we have to take now.

Olivia had a blast last night at Gymnastics and it looks like that will be the sport for her to do. It wore her out and after she realized that she could have fun without coming and checking on mommy then she did great. I need to get a few things in place but it looks like beginning in August she might be doing this. We shall see though. I do want to give her something to do. And since she has lost complete interest in Soccer this would be ideal for her! I’m getting ready to leave to drop the dog off at the vet and come home and finish packing. Have a great next few days and I’ll write more when we come home on Friday sometime.

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