No Nap!

Today Olivia wanted to be very rebellious and not take a nap or even sit still for 5 minutes. She has honestly been on the go since she got up this morning at 7am. I am so out of energy it’s not even funny. I really want her to go to bed but she is still up and keeps coming downstairs to ask me questions. They aren’t even real questions their excuses of why she can’t go to bed. Ugh. Today is the day to where I wish I could have had some energy pills to help me get through the day. Olivia hasn’t had any Red40 at all today, no sweets or anything like that but she is still wired. I just pray that tomorrow she will be good for me and take a nap. I’m going to a play tomorrow at the Edgecombe Community College with a couple friends to see “Anne of Green Gables” on of my favorite books and movie. It’s the best. If I don’t have the energy back I’m gonna get jacked up on plenty of Mountain Dew. Just Kidding but it would be nice to have now wouldn’t it?

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