Mmm…Iced Coffee!

Tonight I decided to take Olivia to McDonalds and get her dinner since I really didn’t feel like cooking. We don’t eat out that much anyways so it was a nice change. Well I got the double cheeseburger and also got myself one of those iced coffees to see if I liked them. Gosh! They are AWESOME! I got a medium hazelnut iced coffee and I’m sure I’ll be getting another soon enough. IT was so tasty and tasted like I got it at Starbucks but for half the cost. What I got as a medium was the size of a Venti for $1.69! I’m definitely going to be getting me another maybe even tomorrow morning. 🙂 Well let me go. Have to go put Olivia down for bed and I’m not far behind her. I’m exhausted and I don’t feel the best in the world. My glands are very swollen and it’s causing some pain in my jaw and teeth. 🙁 So good night all my lovely readers!

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