Last Night was a Blast!!!

Last night was so much fun! I did go to school and take my test and I think I did Ok on it too. After school I met up with my best friend, Mary Ellen and we had a blast!!! She had with her a friend that we also grew up with Bobby and he lived down the street from us both when we lived in Wheaton, MD. Its so crazy on how we all grew up and are now still friends. Gosh! You have to know this that Mary Ellen and I are so alike it’s scary! We both went to the same school in Wheaton and we both went to Dance Camp in the summers and so on. So much fun and so many memories! We will be friends for Eternity!!!

Well we went to Outback for dinner and had the time of our lives there. I of course didn’t drink but so wanted to!!! Maybe when I head to Maryland I will drink and let her drive or we can recruit someone else to drive instead. 🙂 That’s an idea. Well Olivia had a good time too and she was devestated that we had to leave to come home from Outback because she wanted Mary Ellen to spend the night with us. 🙂 Maybe next time sweetie. We got home and we both went to bed without me getting to workout or without getting online to blog about our wonderful night. I was pooped! But we had fun and I plan on going to Maryland to visit and stay with Mary Ellen and its going to happen after Graduation!!! I can’t wait!

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