My Old Navy Order!!!!

I placed an order from Old Navy on Tuesday the 18th. It was my gift from my inlaws and I was really praying that it would be here by the 24th. Not expecting to receive it any quicker I started to make plans on getting something else just in case. Well I looked on the website this afternoon or actually just a few minutes ago and they have already delivered the order to my house. Wow! That was like super fast!!!! I love Old Navy clothes and normally if I can find my size online on sale I will most likely pick it up. Well I did and I’m so glad I did. Now I will go home after I pick up Olivia and try them all on. I didn’t get any pants because my weight is fluciating right now due to the holiday season but that will all change after New Years. New things are going to be in store for me then!!! Plain and simple!!! If not I will go into a sugar coma for sure!!! So if you like Old Navy and want to pay for their shipping of only $5 then go right on ahead and do so. I’d love to take Olivia to Smithfield and rack up on the clearance or the sales going on at the Gymboree Outlet!!! might have to do that this weekend. 🙂

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