Oh how I love to Shop!!!

Yesterday as most of you might know, I went to visit my sister in Greenville and before Liz got off work we went to the mall. It was so nice to because one of my favorite stores that I shop at for Olivia was having a sale I couldn’t resist. Yes, Gymboree is having a “Get an Additional 20% off previously marked down things Sale!” So what did I do. I picked out some cute outfits that were summer outfits and got them. I gathered up my few items I had and paid for them. Now let me tell you this. I got about $65 dollars worth of clothing for only $16! I love bargain shopping and as you can tell I normally don’t purchase things like clothing if its full price. This goes for my shoes as well. I will pay normally more for Olivia’s or Terry’s shoes then mine. I’ve always done that thanks to my mom who loves to bargain hunt as well. Then today we went to Kroger which I love getting their drinks and found 24- 20oz bottle waters on sale for $3.99. Yes! I wish Rocky Mount would get one but nope we have a Harris Teeter instead which is a little too high priced for us. Then we went to the mall and I picked up a couple things there. Like Hibbett Sports had shin gaurds for Olivia that I had to pay full price for because it was a neccessity that she needed for soccer this fall but then I found a size 3 “Pink” Soccer ball on clearance for $6.98 that matches her shin guards and the normal price for this ball is $20.00. Then I went down to KB Toys and found a cheap gumball machine to help her go poop in the potty. (If she goes to the bathroom each time she will get a penny to put in the machine and give her a gumball. She seemed very interested in this theory so I’m hoping that this will work. ***Fingers are Crossed***) I got this gumball machine for $3.98 which was much cheaper than the other one which was $12.99. I’m all about deals and if I find a good one that I can’t pass up then I take advantage of it. Trust me ask my husband!!! Another great deal I found for me was at Steve and Barry’s where I found a pair of jeans on 40% off. I got them and only paid $8.00 for them. Yes!!!

Well I still am on the search for a pair of cleats for her and have already checked at Omega Sports, Overtons, Shoe Carnival in G-Ville and Hibbett Sports in G-Ville. I might go into Walmart, Shoe Carnival in RM and the mall to see if I can find any her size. I don’t want to have to drive out to Raleigh if I can help it. I love Raleigh but I always seem to spend too much there!!! Hahaha!

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