Lets see, so much went on this weekend I don’t know where to start. On Saturday I went shopping with Tonya to go help find a bathing suit for her to wear when she goes on vacation next week. We found one that she liked and it looked really nice on her too. I also found one for me but I had to put it back because I didn’t have the money to get it. Darn it! It was really cute on me for once. Well afterwards we went to Target and picked up a shirt to go under my black shirt I wore for my sister’s pinning ceremony and then we went back to her house. I went ahead on back to my house and got ready for the ceremony and took off to go there. It was in Wilson at the Methodist Church and it was very emotional for me. I took some pictures but just haven’t loaded them onto any computer yet. I will probably do so this evening when I get a chance to. Then after the ceremony I went on back to tonya’s house, picked up Olivia and got some cd’s she had made for me and then went home, packed and drove to my inlaws for the night. At first I had made plans not to go but then changed my mind and went on over there. Around 3:30 am I got a phone call from Terry and for some reason I picked it up. I was kind of expecting some one else to be on the other line but it was Terry telling me that he was on his way to Heritage Hospital in Tarboro because he messed up his knee. I had conteplated if I wanted to go to the hospital and meet him or if I would just lay back down and wait for him to come back to his parents house. I waited but it was hard to fall back asleep after that chilling phone call.

Terry got back to his parents house around 6:45 to 7am and he was in an immobilizer on his left knee. He was given a prescription for percocet for the pain but he so far hasn’t needed to take it. Thank goodness too! Well he didn’t rest that well while we were gone at church but I know that he slept a little bit after we got home and just before lunch time. He drove his truck home on Sunday night and I will be his ride for the next week or so. I took yesterday off work and I plan on taking him to see the orthopedist on Thursday morning in Tarboro. Since this is under workmans comp we have to see the doctor that the hospital referred him to. Not a problem Just as long as we find out what he did to his knee. As far as we know he did not tear his ACL but the doctor at the ER said that he thinks he tore some Cartlidge or some ligaments. I know this will keep him out of work for at least a couple of weeks if not months. And the only fix probably is through surgery. I will keep everyone updated on whats going on with that after the appointment on Thursday. Tomorrow I am going into work so that I can get somethings done there. Plus it will get me out of this cooped up house! Well I have to call some candidates now but I will try to update later on. I have to run to the library this afternoon/evening to take back some books that I had borrowed.

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  1. Charlotte,
    Wow! You have a blog! I didn’t know that. Now, I can come read… Olivia is soo adorable!

    Thanks for the mention on your sidebar as well. If you want, you can call it “The Whole Family” or Elizabeth F. is fine…whatever!

    We’ll have to have a playdate one of these days and actually meet in person!

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