Well yesterday I tried out my new Nike+ kit and love it. My stats are noted on the side. I was going to do 20 mins a day but I think its way too much for me to do each day until I get into better shape but I am thinking of doing it in incriments such as Do 20 mins on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and then do 10 mins on Tuesday’s & Thursday’s. I think this will be good for me too. So today I went running and only did about 13 minutes (as I was shooting for 20) and had to stop because I was having pains on one leg. I might just have to purchase new shoes anyways…man I should have bought the ones from last night at Finish Line. Oh well…I’ll keep looking around for those right pair for me. I might even check online and see what I can find or go down to Smithfield to the Nike outlet store. I can normally find some really neat deals there too.

Tonight Terry has to work and I think Livy and I are going to have hotdogs and I’ll have a salad along with the hotdogs. I might even go without the bun just to cut down on the carbs I eat a day. Well I just wanted to get on here and think and put my thoughts down for a few before I get back to working. Have a great day everyone!

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