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And We Are…Homeschooling Again!!

Well I know that must be a shocker for most of you. But we gave it a shot and I won’t talk bad about the school she was going to but it just wasn’t for her and us. We were already having issues with the school and it just wasn’t a good fit. So we …

Homeschool Review Crew

Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017

Now that our school year is over and we are looking forward to next years school year! I am looking forward to actually doing the lesson plans for Olivia’s learning this go round compared to having it already planned out for me. This is something that I honestly have never done and I have all …


Occupational Therapy is Over!

Today was Olivia’s final day of Occupational Therapy! She has made it through 8 long months of going from not being able to even attempt to try new foods to trying them. She has gone from hating all veggies except for french fries (yes she considers them veggies) to liking a few of them or …