Family Vacation

Disney Cruise Line

We have been looking at doing a Disney Cruise for the past few years but I think I may have talked Jason into going on one. We have been to Walt Disney World numerous times and I had hoped that after we purchased our new home, I figured that going on a vacation wasn’t going to happen. But I was wrong, Jason asked me if we wanted to go on a small vacation and I looked at him like he was going crazy. He said well where do you want to go for vacation…and I gave him my grin like I know where! He said Disney might be out of the picture but nope, I talked to him about taking a 3 or 4 night Disney Cruise! I told him it was a “Giant Floating Buffet” and he was like where do we sign up?

This was a big deal since he had said before we weren’t going to be able to take a vacation at all. Um, not cool! I have been busy with planning other vacations out that the past two years we have not enjoyed going to Orlando for vacation at Walt Disney World. So here is to hoping that we can enjoy a cruise this year as a family!

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