Gluten Free Pizza Crust


So we have been trying to go low-carb in our home because we are needing to lose some weight…well for me and Jason that is. One thing that I have been looking for online is some easy low carb pizza recipes since we do love our carbs and pizzas! We have personally tried the cauliflower pizza crust and all I can say is yuck! Olivia and I both hated the texture and couldn’t do it at all. We tried to like it over and over but just couldn’t. It had this funky taste too which we didn’t like. Well I happened to find some coconut flour in our local Walmart Neighborhood Market and it wasn’t an outrageous price either! So I found a recipe that I wanted to try out for a pizza crust that used coconut flour compared to almond flour since I’m allergic to most nuts.

So this is the recipe that I started to use and then found a better recipe and had a few good friends try it and said it was so good. Not a chance you could tell it was low-carb! Score! This pizza Olivia even tried and she said she really likes the crust and Jason enjoyed it as well. He said that he could taste the coconut but it worked well with the pizza. I’ll take that over he hates it. So if you are looking for an easy crust to make that is gluten free and low-carb check this one out and make it yourself!


This is a keeper for our family and we plan on making more pizza this Friday! yay!


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