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Another Round of Snow

Well it seems that winter has wanted to stay a little longer this year. Normally we only have about 1 good round of snow for the season but this year it seems to be wanting more. I think this has to be one of the most active years since we moved down here to NC and while I’m not going to complain about it much, I will instead enjoy it.

I have known several of my friends complain about how we in the south don’t know how to handle snow or the cold weather. That our homes should be well insulated and all that. But our homes are made to keep the warmth out and not the other way around. We also aren’t that equipped to handle all this snow. So even though I might not drive in it much not because I don’t know how to…but it’s to avoid the others who might be on the road. Now I have to say that many folks around here don’t even know how to drive when the roads are dry and the weather is clear, so that really doesn’t give us much hope for when there is snow or any kind of wintery mix out there. So when I say I’m not going to venture out it’s because I don’t want to be in an accident because of the idiot drivers out there.

But today I did however venture out in it a little before it got too bad and had to get gas in the van and also get my new medication for this nasty cough I’ve had for a good week now. So now that we’re back home we got to enjoy watching the snow come down all afternoon. It’s still snowing outside as I speak and write this and so far we’ve gotten 6″ from the last I went out to check. I will just enjoy this weather and this beauty that God has given to us!

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