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Feeling Comfortable in Your Own Skin…Knixwear

*This is a sponsored post as I was compensated for the post. All my opinions are 100% my own.*

One thing that I like to do is keep things real on here. I try to keep things that happen in my life or our lives updated on this blog and one thing that I want to say is I have to be real about my workout life. I made it an effort to say that I am not your athletic kind of person and I am the worst at starting something and not finishing it. But I feel like blogging has always been my outlet for saying what is on my mind and such. The one thing that I want to get back into this year is running or trying to do so. I know that I have tried it before and did complete a Half Marathon with little if no training at all. But I think what has stopped me before was my workout wear. I have always been so self conscious as of what I look like when I workout to what feels comfortable on me. Yes, I’m that kind of woman and sometimes it’s not something I like to tell others about.

But for me finding an outfit that looks good and doesn’t make me feel like a blimp is hard. Also finding a comfortable bra has always been difficult for me as well. If I feel like while I’m working out and don’t feel like I have much support for the “girls”, then I won’t finish what I’ve started. I did however find a company called Knixwear and they even carry bras for the big chested girls! I’m not saying I’m a big girl..but when it comes to bras I am! I have always been ever since I had Olivia and well after 13 years of not being able to find stylish, comfortable bras it’s been my mission to find some. I have found a few that I’d love to try from that company and the few I’d love to give a try would be the 8-in-1 Evolution Bra, the V-neck Evolution Bra (since I’m always wearing v-neck shirts), and the Longevity Bra. I’m all about comfort and these bras look just like what I have been dreaming of wearing! And the prices on the bras aren’t that much more if not cheaper than what I already pay for my regular bras. Plus I love that you can get other items from the company such as underwear, tanks and even leak-proof undies for that time of the month! Y’all they even have a knixteen for your teenagers and I’m so excited about that! Gotta get Olivia some for her birthday…what she’s always wanted! (eye roll here!) But seriously I’ve now gotta get me at least one of the bras so that I can start back with working out. I feel like if I don’t start sometime this year, I never will! So if you too are self consious about life and what your bras feel like and fit, why not check out this company…you might fall in love with the items they have just like I have!

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