We’ve Moved!!!

So it’s official and we have closed on the house! It’s my dream house and has my dream kitchen in it! I’m so loving it so far and can’t wait until we can finish unpacking the house and getting settled into it. We have our home office that we have always wanted but I will say that if we have a baby we will have to designate this room to their room. But for now it will be our home office/spare bedroom. I feel so blessed to have this space that I can blog and work in which I love!!! I have been slowly trying to get things unpacked in our master bedroom and today I did something big! I actually hung up our mirror which I’m loving for sure!

My kitchen well is my kitchen! I have been keeping it clean and tidy which I love. And that built in trash can…all I can say is it’s pretty amazing!!! I’m glad that we are able to have such a lovely home to live in and I can continue to blog and work in the home. Here’s to making more memories with my family and friends!

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