Hormel Gatherings Party Tray’s

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review! All my opinions are 100% my own!*

Are you looking for an easy party tray that you’d love to bring to a big game party or even a party to celebrate a birthday or a holiday? Well look no further! Hormel has come out with some pretty neat party trays that we have fallen in love with in our home! We decided that since football games are sometimes played on Thanksgiving Day we decided to help celebrate the games by enjoying a Hormel Gatherings Party Tray this year! We even made some of our favorite dips to go with the trays for those who didn’t want to eat the meat or cheese…wait who am I kidding?!! Everyone loves both in our family!

I went to our local Walmart and picked up the Ham & Turkey tray because I knew it was the tray that everyone in our family would enjoy! And let me just say…everyone ate that thing up on Thanksgiving day! It was a hit and it was so easy to make look presentable! We found it in the Deli area and we are so happy that we found it too. A few weeks ago they were not available at our local store so this was a nice surprise for us! Then I placed it out for all to enjoy and let me just say that the Sargento Cheese was a big hit for the kids! They were really good and there no complaints from the kiddos and that is a big deal for my child especially! The ham and turkey were just perfect and making our own little sandwiches were perfect with the crackers! Let’s just say by the end of the night the tray was completely gone! Say What?!!! We normally have leftovers galore in our household but not with this party tray!!

This is now going to be one of our go to party trays for any kind of party, family gathering or just to have on hand at the house. It wasn’t that expensive either at Walmart so it was nice to be able to get the product at a decent price! I think the last party tray I purchased I paid well over $30 for it and honestly did not care for it too much!! So this is a keeper in our opinion! I might even bring one for Christmas this year! Check out their social media outlets too for more information such as Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube and their Website.


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