“Play Ball” with Chrysler & Sesame Street!

One thing that I love about Sesame Street is how they have introduced this year an Autistic Character on their show! I only wish they had introduced her years ago when we were just learning about Autism back when Olivia was first diagnosed. But another thing that I love is how they partner with so many other companies to help those with disabilities out too! Olivia for many of you who may not know has a puppy that we will train as her Service Dog and this is something that is a big deal for her. Luna will be able to help her with so many things especially when she is out in public as she gets older and struggles with the larger crowds. We are able to handle and control it now because we homeschool and can go out when everyone is at work or in school. But what happens for those who aren’t able to control that or they have a disability where they need a better vehicle that will be able to help them with their disability a little better?

Well Chrysler and Sesame Street have partnered together along with Canine Companions to help show others what it’s all about to have a disability and a service dog as well. I love how this video shows that Mork is a working dog which Luna will become for Olivia and has already started recognizing when she is starting to feel overwhelmed and going to have a meltdown. I feel like this move is going to be a little different for us a family because Olivia is letting go of so many things so far and we still have a month to go! This is good for her service dog to already be doing so much for her as it is. But the video shows Elmo and Abby what Mork does for Wallis and I love that. I’m glad that Chrysler has come out with a great vehicle for those who have disabilities too. If only they had been out when we purchased our van. I might have given one of them a spin too! You never know which vehicle we would have instead. But Sesame Street has been helping others out for so many years now and I love how they show this on the video! Be sure to check out more videos that they have completed too! Now if we could only get Luna to do the several things that Mork can do we’d be doing great in her training. She’s still in the puppy mode but one day maybe when we are settled in our new house we will get to finish or start our training. Thank you to Sesame Street and to Chrysler for working together!

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