2017 Holiday Gift Guide

Steripod – Perfect Stocking Stuffing for your Loved Ones!

Are you looking for a perfect stocking stuffer gift for your kids, grandkids or even for yourself? Why not check out Steripod which is the perfect gift for anyone you can think of!

Steripod clips on most standard and electric toothbrushes which is something that I love! We loved using our Steripod while we were traveling on vacation because I love leaving my toothbrushes out when we travel and this was perfect for us!! I put one on mine, Jason’s and Olivia’s while we were traveling and they worked so well! They have a scent like listerine and I love that smell! I might be the only one in the family that likes that smell.

You can get Steripod at Walmart’s nationwide which is something that I love!!! We shop at Walmart daily because it’s quicker to get to on a daily basis. The American Dental Association recommends brushing for 2 minutes twice a day and establishing a fun family routine for your family! What a better way to add to the fun than to add the Steripod to the fun for your family! With its brand new animal themed packaging and bright sparkly pods, Steripod Kids makes it easy and fun to protect each family members toothbrushes!

Each Steripod Kids contains two different-colored glitter pods (purple, green, pink, blue or red), and features two adorable animal pairings: a toucan and elephant; a lion and monkey; or a zebra and peacock. Steripod Kids is now available at Walmart stores nationwide in the children’s oral care section for a suggested retail price of $5.99.

I am giving away a Family Pod Pack prize with a years supply of Steripod and Steripod Kids toothbrush protectors and new Steripod Razor protectors for a family of four. A big special thanks to Steripod for offering this up to 1 lucky winner!

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**Thank you to Steripod for sending me a years worth of Steripod Kids and Steripod for adults for us to enjoy! We will be using them for sure!!! All of my opinions are 100% my own!! **


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