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Cyantific Skin Care Review

*This is a sponsored post and I was sent the products to use to be able to facilitate my review. All my opinions are 100% my own!

Now that the weather is changing and it seems that my skin seems to stay more dry than hydrated than anything finding something that will be good for my skin is always hard. I have tried a few other skin care products and loved them but the price was a little out of my price range for me. But I was able to review this skin care and fell in love with this skin care!

My skin has always been very sensitive as well which has been difficult for me to be able to find anything ‘cheap’ in the stores and so having to pay for high quality skin care products has been something that I’ve had to deal with most of my life. Cyantific Skin Care is powered by nature which is something that I absolutely love! I am all about trying to use and find something that won’t harm my skin with a bunch of chemicals within the product. I also love Cyantific Skin Care because it does have 100% money back guarantee which is something I am always looking for from a company! If there is something that you don’t care for then try this one out!

I was sent the Nourishing Daily Serum, Protecting Daily Lotion, and the Hydrating Night Cream which I have fallen in love with. I sometimes will use this cream during the morning time if my face is extremely dry or it’s extremely dry outside. Or you could get the complete Anti-Aging Package which contains all three of these products in for $99.99!!

Here is a little more information on Cyantific Skincare:

Cyantific Skincare harnesses the power of blue-green algae to create its proprietary PhycoBoost™ formula, a targeted blue-green algae extract that contains amino acids, moisture-retaining carbohydrates and powerful antioxidants. Other gentle, yet powerful ingredients derived from nature are added to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin, making it look better today and protecting it for a better tomorrow.

Cyantific’s Powerful Line-Up:

Protecting Daily Lotion: SPF 30+ lotion protects against aging UVA and damaging UVB rays. Niacinamide and murumuru palm reduce inflammation, fight off free radicals and soothe and moisturize for clearer, more radiant, and noticeably younger skin.

Nourishing Daily Serum: Ginger root extract, niacinamide and PhycoBoost™ join together in this oil-free serum to tone, tighten and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Hydrating Night Cream: Smooth on this luxurious night cream before bed and you’ll awaken to radiant, more youthful looking skin. PhycoBoost™ combined with crambe abyssinica seed oil hydrate and pamper your complexion while you sleep.

Complete Anti-Aging Package: This complete set gives you the benefits of all three powerhouse products to nourish, protect and hydrate your skin.

You can purchase this from their site online here. Also check out their Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts too! You might just fall in love with the product too like I have!


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